A Cowboy Poetry Workshop: Getting It Down on Paper ($25)

Lonnie Shurtleff

Cineplex Theater

Using the ideas and techniques in “Range Writin’ and Recitin’” to create entertaining and evocative cowboy poetry and song. Participants will have an opportunity to exercise their creative talents in a structured, goal-oriented setting.

Shurtleff grew up in the Owyhee Desert running wild horses and in Eastern Oregon’s Blue Mountains cattle ranching. It was “Wild horses and saddles and rawhide riatas…”, then he discovered guitars. His material is largely autobiographical and reflects his experiences growing up in the saddle and playing and singing in cowboy hang-outs and honky-tonks around the Northwest. He offers unique cowboy-flavored entertainment, music, poetry, and unlikely stories for “your next dinner party, campfire gathering, calf branding or necktie party”.

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